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Concrete and official details regarding the next version of Apple‘s iPhone are hard to come by.  By most accounts and educated deduction, the phone will be released some time in September, an initial report from The Mirror stated the phone was reported to be launched on September 16th, but  re/code has now reported that an event and launch are coming September 9th.

As with years past there has been numerous mock ups, and supposed photos of the unit.  Now TMZ, who hyperbole aside is usually right about things, claims to have pics of the actual iPhone 6.
iPhone 6 leaked photo real gizmodo tmz


Now, Gizmodo -a site that really does this tech stuff (it’s one of if not the internets most popular and respected technology sites)- is claiming that TMZ couldn’t be more wrong.  Their response is actually pretty humorous “TMZ Thinks This Is An iPhone 6, Bless It’s Heart”

Unfortunately for TMZ, as 9 to 5 Mac notes, this is just one of the many, many Android clones making the rounds. The first giveaway is the fact that the phone’s homescreen was designed in the likeness of iOS 7, not iOS 8. But there’s an even more damning (and subtle) problem with TMZ’s “exclusive” model. 9 to 5 Mac explains:

Regardless, the hype for the iPhone is beginning to be deafening

Check out a gallery below of supposed leaked pictures, mockups, etc below.  We’ll let you know when #FACTS start to emerge



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