That awkward moment when you realize celebrities are people just like you..

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According to US weekly, Beyonce might call a quits and divorce Jay Z. The dynamic duo has been going through their ups and downs perhaps, just like every other married couple?

After the elevator incident, rumors speculated that Jay Z may have been cheating and thats what actually caused the whole scene. Despite the family’s complications, On the run tour was scheduled to take place and it did. As the tour wraps up its lasts dates, Beyonce went  apartment hunting by herself in the midst of the confusion and the couple even had marriage counseling during the tour.


Could this mean the six year marriage down the drain? Hm, sources say Jay Z isn’t trying to hear that because he wonders what will happen to their business ties. As for Beyonce? She clearly has other plans for her and Blue, an insider reveals that she is “done” after the tour.

We will see..


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