When the horrible news surfaced the internet of adult film star Christy Mack‘s beating, fans were furious her long time UFC and Bellator welterweight Jon Koppen have got away from police. But today, all that is put to an end. Police finally arrested War Machine. He is currently being held in Simi Valley, California, and is awaiting extradition to Las Vegas on several outstanding warrants.

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Last week, Christy Mack was hospitalized with serious injuries from the assault. She gave her side of the story by recalling the events, saying Koppenhaver entered her home, attacked a male friend and threw him out of the house before beating Mack, attempting to rape her and threatening her with a knife. She also mentioned that this wasn’t the first time he had beaten her. All of this information was obtained through her twitter account along with photos her numerous injuries.

Since the incident occurred war machine tweeted multiple tweets trying to explain his actions and calming innocence. We would suggest he “tell it to the judge” but his record speaks for himself. He may be detained for a long time considering his record.


War Machine will appear before a judge sometime during the week.

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