J.Cole Visits Ferguson, Talib Kweli Gives 10 Reasons He Is Headed There

Actions speak louder

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With any national tragedy, or really any big event, there comes lots of opinions, comments, and voices from those associated and in many cases those having nothing to do with the issue at hand.  The recent killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown, at the hands of Ferguson, MO police officer Darren Wilson has brought about a firestorm of action, but also talk and opinion from those involved.

Recently some,  have put to task for the lack of thoughtful and productive comments from one of Missouri’s most well known public figures, rapper Nelly; who this week made comments to TMZ, one such example is a very passionate Op-ED from our own April Dawn.  Although rappers and entertainers are by no means elected officials or spokesman for injustice they are often who people of all ages, but especially the youth look to for in the way of insight, especially in the black community, where hip hop first originated, and of all music forms the one that speaks most directly to these issues at hand.


On Tuesday night Young Jeezy & Wiz Khalifa took to the stage at their St. Louis, MO tour stop to show support for the cause, and many other rappers have voiced their opinion as well.

A definite voice of the people has been socially reflective spitter J.Cole who on Wednesday took to twitter to make the poignant and powerful statement

Then on friday he released the pure emotion of a track “Free” , not to be confused with the criminally slept on, socially conscious and lyrically ridiculous “Get Free” Cole dropped in 2013.

Now it seem’s Cole has taken it a step further by actually going to Ferguson, MO to support the people.

The always eloquent and deep thinking rap veteran Talib Kweli is now also headed to Ferguson to show support, and in case you are wondering why, he let everyone implicilty know why earlier today on twitter.

1. Tweets that arent connected to a movement can lead one to falsely believe they’ve done enough. I need to put my money where my tweets are
2. People need to see that our leaders are more than Al and Jesse. Al and Jesse cannot control the narrative for us.
3. Mike Brown loved hip hop and wrote lyrics. He was a fan of hiphop. The hiphop community owes him.
4. We need to direct attention from the very small amount of “looters” to the true community protestors. We need to take back the narrative
5. We need to show the community of Ferguson that we are willing to do more. We need to show them they don’t stand alone.
6. Artists who make money off the community are obligated to be there when the community is being brutalized.
7. I believe in love, compassion, the right to simply exits and due process for all.

8. I have a son Mike Brown’s age. It could’ve been him.

9. I could be next.
10. What would Malcolm do?
We applaud these two men, and hope that from their actions good will come of it.  We will keep you posted on any further developments as they arise.