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A little sneak preview that we came across today displayed the content of what to expect in the new and upcoming premier of HBO‘s special concert event. Many had figured since the rumors surfaced of the break up, we will never actually get to see it. Well lets be realistic guys, there is money to be made. Besides, Beyonce and Jay Z are the only two people who knows whats going on for sure.

But, what we can acknowledge is by the looks of the trailer, its guaranteed to be a success. The noir inspired one minute clip starts off by having Beyonce sing a cover of  Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra as Jay Z sits backs and takes puffs of his cigar. Followed by professional high definition  footage of the tour.


The film is scheduled to premiere on September 20th, just seven days after they wrap up the tour. Watch it above and let us know what you think via. social media.


Asada dosen’t care to much about Beyonce and Jay Z’s split and wish she was Blue Ivy  nanny @Sadablu