Nothing like a fresh cut

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To most, Sunday is a day to relax, eat dinner and spend time with family and re-charge before another busy work week. Earmarked in American culture as a day for rest, NYC hairstylist Mark Bustos does the complete opposite with his Sundays. Taking to the streets to give on-site trims, line-ups and shape-ups to men and women in the busy urban city, Mark has inspired a nation to not only do the same in their hometowns, but to bring awareness to homeless communities around the county.

With something as simple as a lineup or shave, these homeless citizens can gain the self-esteem and confidence that can power their breakthrough. Its not a secret that when you look good, you feel good and undoubtedly a haircut, trim and/or line always helps boost our swag up enough to think positively and feel happy. New York City, has a growing homeless population of over 50,000 living in shelters, with many more on the streets who are difficult to count.


This year’s annual report by the Coalition for the Homeless, a nonprofit advocacy group reported newly homeless families entering the system has jumped by 12 percent; the number of homeless children sleeping in shelters rose by 8 percent, and single adults, 5 percent. The average stay for families with children in shelters has peaked to 14.5 months, another unfortunate record in The Big Apple.

However, with the efforts of Mark and the art of giving shared via his images on Instagram, we see homeless people re-humanized and rejuvenated by a simple act of kindness that shows how the power of one can impact many. What will you give back today? Start where you are, do what you can.

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-Chuniq @LoveINpower