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Get this, while the United States creeps closer and closer to the legalization of marijauna, in Beijing, the opposite is happening.

Authorities in China’s capital have recently been holding drug sweeps and — unlike in the U.S. — they’ve been targeting celebrity offenders. This is a stark contrast from what’s takes place here, where celebrities seemingly don’t suffer the consequences that working-class citizens often do (i.e.: Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, etc.).

While Beijing authorities took on drugs, they came across Jaycee Chan, the son of Martial Arts legend and anti-drug ambassador, Jackie Chan. Along with Chan was another actor, 23-year-old Kai Ko. The raid went down on Thursday (8/14) in Dongcheng district, the city’s commercial and cultural center according to state media by way of Beijing police. After the initial search, police found more than 100 grams of marijuana after searching Chan’s apartment. He was also accused of “hosting others to take drugs,” the state-run China Daily said. He could face three years in jail under Chinese law.

According to CNN:


Earlier this month, dozens of management agencies representing performers in the entertainment industry signed an agreement with Beijing authorities banning drug use from the industry and pledging to sack artists who break the law.

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