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Talib Kweli had some issues with Dom Lemon regarding CNN’s coverage on whats been going on in Ferguson, MO.

Everyone knows how strong of a voice Talib Kweli is within hip hop. He, like a few other rappers isn’t afraid to let you know what’s on his mind and tell you exactly how he feels. Talib is also one of the few rappers who actually visited Ferguson, MO in light of Mike Brown and the uproar his murder caused the city. If you follow Talib on Twitter then you know he’s an avid user and has been active in tweeting about the entire situation. The rapper and activist uses articles written on CNN to address his feelings toward the coverage which he believe stems from the perspective of white supremacists. Things start to heat up a bit when Don Lemon defends CNN’s coverage of the Mike Brown shooting, and Talib brings up a specific story that he feels is inaccurate. They two go back and forth interrupting each other for a few minutes. All ends well with a respectful handshake. Check out the footage above.


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