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Warning: You are about to watch a human being’s life come to an end

On Tuesday (8/19) St. Louis Police shot and killed a man, 25 year old Kajieme Powell.  Initial reports said that the man had stolen from a local store and was acting erratic and standing around outside the store following the robbery.  When St. Louis Police arrived Powell was said to have immediately started screaming “shoot me now, kill me now, shoot me “, and came  at police who then shot and killed the man.


Now a video of the entire incident, including before the police arrive, has been released.  The video confirms that some of details released about the incident are in fact true. The part about “the suspect holding a knife in an over hand manner” however seems to be false, a detail that does very much alter the way this incident will and should be viewed.  Watching the clip is a bit of a surreal experience, we’re not going to comment and tell you how you should feel.  We’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Obviously the clip is hard to watch and tragic, as any person’s life ending is tragic no matter what the scenario.  Knowing the details behind the story before hand and then almost cross referencing them with what you see is an experience in itself.  I found myself saying “yea ok so what the police said is mostly true, but I can’t help but feel like this just didn’t need to happen.  Much like in the Mike Brown situation, REGARDLESS of the details and how much justification (if any) there can be in a certain scenario, you can’t help but feel like, did someone really HAVE to die, could nothing else be done, especially knowing recent events?

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