At first, what seems to be an act of humbleness and generosity, Lupe Fiasco thought it was cool to show his fans that he’s a reasonable person to do business with. The Chi-town lyricist decided to offer his followers the price of $500.00 to get him to record a verse for a fan’s song. As long as you have the funds in cash and a contract ready to sign (for usage purposes), a lucky fan was guaranteed straight lyrical heat from the former Child Rebel Soldier emcee. But signs of skepticism hits the fan when Kid Cudi called out Fiasco for the purpose of this offer. “The Rager” tweeted Fiasco and asked

What are you doing with the money your making from this @LupeFiasco . Are u givin some of this money ur about to make to a charity orrrr??

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The two emcees continued to throw jabs at one another. From pocketing funds to accusations of swindling fans, these two outspoken rappers continued to tweet one another which led to small sarcastic talks of supporting one another’s albums which will lead to doing something outrageous such as buying Guiseppe Zanottis sneakers. The small battle of words became jokes as the infamous kermit memes were inserted to lighten up on the topic at hand.

Here are a glimpse of the twitter rift: