We got to sit down with the group Day26. They talked about their EP The Return, reuniting again, the reunion of Danity Kane, whether or not they would do reality TV again, and so much more. 

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Check out the interview below:

How does it feel to come back together?


Brian: It feels good you know having to be gone for so long. To comeback and … for the fans to be there and still support from day one. It really feels good to be back.

Congratulations on your EP, what made you guys put out an EP, instead of a regular LP?

Brian: Thank you. A big reason was clearly we’ve been gone away for so long. Of course , with an LP comes a whole lot of marketing and promoting … But this time around we wanted to do something for the fans. That’s why there were a lot of free giveaways leading up to the EP and it was pretty much us. From writing to producing to engineering to everything, it was all us. We wanted to give the fans something to show them that we’re here and we ain’t going nowhere. This is our gift to you.

Talking about reunions, how do you feel about Danity Kane getting back together, despite being three members?

Robert: We’re glad to see them back together on the road touring.

Brian: Those girls are chilling right now. Being back together it’s a good feeling. We wished them nothing but the best and we support them in everything. We definitely got a chance to see them in concert and they are killing it. We’re happy to see Danity Kane back.

In three words, how would you describe your EP “The Return”?

Brian: For me, I would say growth, in house, and phenomenal

Would you guys consider doing reality tv again?

Robert: Oh definitely, we would do it on our own terms. Reality TV is one of the things that we are doing and thinking about.

How do you feel about other groups getting back on stage again?

Brian: You know what, it feels like when Day26 decided to get back together everybody and their mama got back together from Jodeci to Jagged Edge to everybody. That to me itself is so good because that means real music is coming back. I’m definitely not knocking anybody that’s doing it now because at the end of the day, I look at R&B as an expression. A lot of people say that R&B is dead, it’s not dead, it just has a different interpretation … August’s R&B is different from Chris Brown’s R&B.

Speaking of today’s artists, who are some of the new artists that you guys like to listen to?

Robert: I listen to everybody on my iPod, I like Bruno Mars’ last album. I haven’t really listened to some of the new artists today.

Who are some of the features on the EP?

Brian: We tried to make this EP more about Day26 not Day26 & them. (laughs)

You can check out their EP The Return here. Check them out at B.B. Kings on September 03. Follow them on social media on Twitter @day26 

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