TV watchers should remember Darius McCrary, the actor known for his role as the highly impressionable and lovable Eddie Winslow on the hit TV show Family Matters.

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Well, it seems that Carl and Harriet Winslow’s television son is all grown up now. He’s engaged and homie’s got quite a catch too! He’s marrying Tammy Brawner, the tenth woman to suit up for the Harlem Globetrotters.



As some may know, Darius was once married to video vixen turned author Karrine Steffans—better known in the hip-hop circle affectionately as Superhead. The marriage ended badly—but McCrary seems happy to be moving on. Darius posted on Twitter tecently stating:” Tammy, my favorite basketball Player of ALL Time.”

How does his bride to be feel about all of this? Tammy recently posted on Twitter making Darius her #MCM, as she stated, ” It doesn’t matter than it’s Wednesday bcuz @DariusMccrary is my crush everyday.”

Although no date is known, folks in the know tell The Source, that the two will tie the knot later this year.