Just looking at this cover art it’s pretty clear what the song is about, the title isn’t super necessary.

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Glistening in white and black one-pieces, Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez look unreal on the cover for the remix of JLo’s song, “Booty.” With Iggy joining her on the track we knew it was going to heat up but this cover takes it to a new level, not to mention the catchy hook and fly beat that make this a dope, bouncy song.

The ladies posted the picture to Instagram today and Iggy added a short clip from the video of a close up butt shot. The two have performed together where Iggy’s microphone weirdly didn’t turn on so a colab between them that actually works is nice to see. Iggy also referenced their bad luck together talking about what happened while she was on stage at the VMA rehearsal. Iggy jokingly accused JLo of bringing the bad juju and causing her to fall.


Listen to the remix here:


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