A two page report released from the Ferguson Police Department was left blank, leaving out key information

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After being pressured by journalist and advocates the police department purposely released an incomplete report on the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown. The report left out the teens name and the description, the fatal shooting of Brown.

Don Tittle a veteran Texas civil and criminal attorney said “I’ve never seen an incident report that didn’t contain a description of the incident, at least on some basic level.” “It makes you wonder if they don’t want to commit to a story,” he said.


“They are breaking the law,” legal director of ACLU in Missouri, Tony Rothert said.

Brown’s death has sparked outrage and turned the city of Ferguson upside down, with protestors expressing passion and pain, and allegations of racism. The incomplete police report adds another smack in the face to Black America. Justice for all or, justice as long as you’re not black.

-Sara D.(@evolaras4real)