Faking an almost nip slip? That’s just lame.

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Sunday night when Nicki Minaj stepped on stage to open the MTV Video Music Awards with Ariana Grande and Jessie J she appeared to not be exactly performance-ready. She came out with her short black dress completely open in the front, clutching it shut with both hands. It seemed like a surprising, fluke moment but according to people on site Nicki was doing the same thing in rehearsal and seemed to be experimenting with how much she could get away with just covering with her hands.

Nicki addressed the incident saying it was an accident and that she didn’t have enough time to change, but even that sounds like bs because apparently there was a makeshift dressing room set up right beside the stage.


What are the VMAs without a bit of malfunctioning wardrobe? While many of us watch the show just waiting for a nip to slip it doesn’t seem as magical when it’s staged.

 Julia had a nip slip once and her friends didn’t point it out to her for a really long time. Follow her on Twitter – @jaybeetheworst

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