There’s a new Bino mixtape on the way!

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Childish Gambino posted the cover for a previously unannounced mixtape to his website last night! The super simple cover shows two titles, STN MTN and KAUAI which we can speculate may refer to the mixtape and it’s accompanying short film. It looks like “KAUAI” might be the film because under the title it says Jaden Smith will play ‘The Boy,’ a character we all remember from Childish’s previous screenplay that came out with Because The Internet. Bino also included on the audio side that the project is presented by Gangsta Grillz.

Just a few seemingly random letters, this title is a bit cryptic. “STN MTN” is suspected to refer to Stone Mountain, an area around Atlanta. This would make sense considering the title of the song he just dropped, “Candlers Road” is also a physical place that’s in that same area.


This mixtape comes with fans still waiting for Bino’s collab project with Chance The Rapper that he hinted at after their extended version of “Worst Guys” came out.

Julia has a playlist of just Childish songs that she made one day before taking a shower, it’s called “Gambino Shower” Follow her on Twitter – @jaybeetheworst

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