We had the opportunity to sit down with rising singer Just Ivy as she dished on working with DJ Khaled, her musical influences, her upcoming debut album and so much more. 
Check out The Interview below:

What was the inspiration behind your new single “Light Me Up”?

Just Ivy: The inspiration for the single is it’s a love story about somebody coming into your life and liking the opulence … It is about love. We wanted to twist it a little bit, make it about the diamonds and the heist, a little bit of dancing and all that …the ocean and the beautiful mansions.

What is it like working with DJ Khaled?

J.I.: It’s amazing working with him. We’re working together and we have been working together a year. It’s our second official single out, but we have other songs coming in as well. We have other things planned and recorded, which are not out yet.

Who are your musical influences?

J.I.: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Sade, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce.

What was the transition like crossing over from Europe to the United States?

J.I.: The United States was the place where I wanted to start my music career, I never thought about doing it in Europe. There was no other place to start my career than the United States. Of course, growing up in Europe we have a lot of other musical influences, not only American music, but that’s what I am trying to implement in my new music, so in my own way there’s all these different influences since I was a child.

In three words, how would you describe your upcoming debut album?

J.I.: Exciting, different, and something new.

If you had a dream collaboration, who would you do it with & why?

J.I.: I think it would be Madonna because I love her hard work … she always comes out with something new every time. She’s just amazing with everything that she does.

Who would be your Man Crush Monday?

J.I.: I can’t think of one right now. (laughs)

When can fans expect your debut album?

J.I.: We’re going to release it at the end of the year. That’s the original plan.

You can follow this rising star on social media on both Twitter & Instagram at @therealjustivy and you can also check her out on her personal website right here.

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