The anticipation is almost over! Maroon 5’s album entitled “V” is set to release September 2, and in celebration of their fifth studio album, the band performed seven of their hit songs Tuesday evening, at the iHeartRadio Theatre, in Burbank Ca. The hour-long performance was broadcast live on the CW and featured a series of Q&A from fans.

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“V” is a sonic collaboration of the group’s journey to date-capturing the heart of the earliest Maroon 5 hits through to their most recent hits, as well as painting a picture of its artistic growth in the future. “The guys and I are so excited about our new release and this special is a great way for us to reach our fans all over the country to tell about the making of the album,” said Adam Levine. In between commercial breaks, the band took a few minutes to answer questions from Twitter users, audience goers and hosts Elvis Duran and Christina Grimmie.

Q: We wanted to know is their any news on an upcoming tour?


A: Good question! Yeah we’re gonna tour at some point. I won’t say exact days cause they’re not set in stone, but we are definitely doing a huge international tour starting very, very early next year.

Q: What is the weirdest thing that a fan has ever thrown on stage?

A: Umm, like a bill that they wanted me to pay. It was like a rent check and I took it and I just paid it honestly. It was really creepy though, please don’t do that anymore, it was like $487.00

Q: If you guys didn’t go into the music business, where would you be right now?

A: I would be…? I don’t know where I would be. We’d all be different places probably. James would be in advertising. I would probably be doing something in music … maybe paying bills. Actually probably not paying bills. Probably crashing on your couch or something.

Q: How do you juggle your music commitments with working on NBC’s “The Voice”?

A: I have no idea. I must be crazy.  That’s the best I have at this moment. It’s very fun to do these jobs. I feel very lucky to have so many jobs. It’s hard enough to get one. Let alone several thousand like I have.

The set list featured hit singles from four of their five albums: “One More Night,” “This Love,” “Daylight,” “Love Somebody,” “Moves like Jagger,” and the bands two newest singles from “V”, “Maps” and “It Was Always You.”

-Jasmine Burch