In the spirit of Labor Day being literally just days away, what better way to enjoy the end of the summer than in the Hamptons?

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In honor of his newly released single, Here Comes The Sun, guests celebrated with Sir Ivan on Saturday at his legendary Hamptons Castle.

Yes, a castle!


Sir Ivan, whose track just entered the Billboard Breakout Chart at number four, owns a sprawling villa that is complete with a moat, bridges and a spectacular poolside area.

Eureeka and Magellan eat your heart out!

But we digress!!

The 300 plus guests at his party were all required to attend in costume or theme – wearing the colors of the sun: yellow, red and orange. Upon arrival of the event, guests were treated to sun-inspired decor and delights, a garden transformed as a tribute to Ivan’s single. Giant sunflowers paved a path to the party, where a giant disco ball was suspended over the swimming pool, completed by a state-of-the-art light show, which gave revelers the sense of dancing into the night under the Midnight Sun.

The food on the menu even had a sun-like theme: sunny-side-up eggs to sun-dried tomatoes and sunflowers. The swimming pool even had giant custom sunflowers that guests floated and drank champagne in.

The height of the evening came at 11:00pm, when a yellow-caped Sir Ivan entered the party fashionably late with his matching yellow-caped dog Bambi, in his “Peace mobile,” a stretch limo wrapped in hippy icons from the ’60s, with psychedelic graphics on the hood and trunk. With giant letters spelling PEACE on both sides of the limo and the words “Make Love Not War” on the hood and trunk, guests lined up all night to take photos with the one of a kind set of wheels.

“The party is a combination of the release of my new single,” said Sir Ivan. “It’s blowing up all over the world.”

Check Out Some of the Photos:

After performing his single to an excited crowd, Sir Ivan announced he will take the “Peace mobile” cross country to launch his anti – bully campaign across the nation. He also plans to take a road trip that will end in LA where he will film his next music video for “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye,” the anti – bully anthem he co – wrote, produced by legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold that also features pop star Taylor Dayne and is directed by MTV video award winner Erik White.

Royalties from the various remixes of “Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye” are being donated to various LGBT anti-bullying organizations including the Trevor Project, where Sir Ivan has already pledged $100,000.