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Father knows best?

In a pretty strange turn of events, Mathew Knowles, father of Beyonce and Solange recently went on a Houston radio station and made some very interesting comments regarding the famed Jay Z & Solange “of course some shit gon go down when there’s a billion dollars on the elevator” incident.


In the interview – which you can view a clip of above -Knowles who until 2011 served as Beyonce’s manager, and according to this interview still is technically the manager of Destiny’s Child seems to very directly imply that the Jay Z Solange elevator fight was just to promote the upcoming tour.

sometimes ignite that tour, its called a Jedi Mind Trick, the JMT fools you a lot of time.

When asked directly by one of the DJ’s “so you think that argument when Solange was hitting Jay Z on the elevator they knew that was being recorded and they wanted it to get out there

“all i know is the Jedi Mind trick, all of a suddent ticket sales go up, Solange’s album sales go up 200%, mmm, i don’t know ?

One can help but think this is most likely an epic troll attempted by a man who has been outcast from the empire he helped built and may feel a bit bitter about.  Also very interesting is that in the later part of the interview he mentions that he is in fact still the manager of Destiny’s Child , and that a tour with the three is most likely coming in the next year, but again how credible is this guy.

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