Everyone cannot catch bullet holes, Bobby

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Bobby Shmurda had a better summer than any rapper we can think of, with the exception of maybe Iggy Azalea, but some legal trouble from his recent past could put a damper on that.  As per a TMZ report, back in June, Shmurda was arrested on felony gun charges after a police officer spotted him playing with one in his apartment and thwarted Shmurda’s attempt to hide the weapon after entering his home.  Clearly, Bobby isn’t in jail doing any time right now–he spent most of his summer blowing up on the internet, thanks to the success of “Hot N***a”, and getting signed by Epic Records–but charges like that carry jail sentences of up to 15 years.

We hope that he’s able to dodge the kitchen sink that could be thrown at him in court, and understands that from now on, these situations have to be avoided at all costs.