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At the beginning of this year the very strange and unlikely friendship between Game and Ed Sheeran was apparently blossoming in the studio. The two spoke about recording songs together and Ed’s idea to start working on an album.

It seems not only has this odd bro couple been showing off their love on Instagram and talking about doing a collab album, but they have most of one done!


When asked how things were going with Game on the red carpet out front of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday Ed Sheeran said,

 “I’m a big fan (of Game). He called me and I ended up doing just one song with him and the next day he came down to the session that I was in and we did about six songs. Then we just did more and more as that week went on and then it was all done.”

Sounds like these two work well together and things are flowing, but is this strange pair actually making something magical?

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