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While introducing Big Sean’s latest collaboration with Adidas its safe to say he isn’t a newbie to the sneaker game at all. Although his former colleges Kanye WestPharrell, and Nigo recently signed their sneaker deals. The Detroit native rapper already had his foot in Adidas door.

His first collaboration Detroit Player released in December 2012 and it was his own unique twist on the Pro Model. Followed by his second release Pro Model II Hall of Fame in August 2013. This time around Big Sean takes it a step further as he applies his creativity to a whole new model of shoe and finds a way to intertwine his passions for both music and fashion. The new Metro Hi Attitude sneaker (which can be seen above) consist of a black suede base and smooth leather snake skin. The floral print is inspired by the location of  G.O.O.D music’s headquarters which is in the  scenic islands of Hawaii. The project is set to release September 13 for $165.00 at select Adidas Originals retailers as well as the online store.


When we got a chance to speak with Big Sean, he provided us with a sense of his style, inspiration, and his relationship with Adidas.


If you had to choose a pair of sneakers from your personal collection to wear everyday for the remainder of your life, which pair would you choose?

My Bathing Ape Adidas. The sneakers are shell tops with a camouflage print all over them, they feature the classic three stripes and have a tan bottom. Those sneakers are very rare.


Where do you receive most of your fashion inspiration from?

A lot of my fashion inspiration comes from my older brother. Growing up he  was actually one the freshest guys I knew. In grade school his hand me downs kept me fresh as well. I remember him wearing the cartier glasses that i started recently wearing. He knew how to switch his style up, he would rock jerseys but yet know how to put together a polo. I learned a lot from him as well as Kanye, Don CIbn Jasper,Nigo, Pharell, and Vigil. Before anyone knew who I was, I spent time in Japan with Kanye and Vigil, NERD and Pharell was there too. That’s when I shot the video for “Getcha Some” in the Bathing Ape store with Hype Williams. While we were there we bonded a lot so they definitely inspired my style also.


How did this particular collaboration with adidas come about?

Adidas and I have established a relationship obviously because this isn’t my first time working with them. Designing the shoe isn’t that hard, once you get a feel and idea of the shoe, all it becomes is like a plain canvas where you can just basically do your own thing on it.


What unique interpretation does this sneaker feature that the previous ones didn’t?

The first shoe we worked on together was red with gold accents, it was really bright. The following was more like an everyday shoe. It was all black but featured some gold as well. This one is a completely different shoe. Its one of my favorite Adidas  since I seen Patrick Ewing wear them. But, its a different customization as well as color way. Every time I look at the shoe it reminds me of the time I spent in Hawaii. I want every shoe I do to tell some some type of story atleast personally. The sneaker has my finally famous signature on it and a quote from one of my songs “First Chain” Ft Kid Cudi.

“Dreams stop being dreams when i turned them into goals”

I spent a lot of time in Hawaii with the GOOD music fam, ofcourse with Ye’ other artist like Rick Ross and Nicki, Meek and a a lot more artist. I feel like that’s the place where people expanded their artistry and learn a lot. Hawii is one of my favorite places so its cool to have a shoe inspiried by that time of my life.

Besides Hawaii, what other places do you express an adoration for?

I love Europe, Paris, Japan, Johannesburg in Africa. I really never get to vacation that much. I end up in these places by going to actually work and we would visit the nearby cites. The trips i take usually lasts only about a day or two.


How big is your sneaker collection right now?

I know people have a whole room full of sneakers, like thousands of pairs. But, my collection consist of more rare pairs, pairs that sneaker heads will flip over if they got a hold of them. In all i probably got about 350 pairs though.


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