Bikini, Shmoney dance & blunt…in that order.

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At this point if you haven’t been caught Shmoney dancing or recorded you and your friends doing so…then your summer probably wasn’t as good as Bobby Shmurda’s. The young rapper’s rise to fame seemed to happen over night and the love and feedback he’s getting from other celebrities is huge. Everyone from Beyonce to Justin Bieber has been paying tribute to the Shmoney dance and Rihanna is the latest celeb to show love. But of course, Rihanna’s Shmoney dance is well Rihanna’s Shmoney dance. The “Diamonds” singer has been removed from the Instagram community but that doesn’t stop RiRi from often appearing on her bestie, Melissa Ford’s timeline. Check out these perfect videos of Ri Shmoney dancing in nothing but a bikini; blunt in hand. Ah Ah ahh.