For the millionth time, they’re kilts not skirts, right?

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Oh Cam. From his plethora of pink furs to his most recent fashion endeavor; capes, Cam’ron is definitely a rapper who takes some risks when it comes to what he wears. On a a new track off his 1st Of The Month ep series, Cam takes a shot at Kanye’s choice of skirts, well kilts. Now this isn’t the first time Ye has been criticized by a rapper for wearing a Givenchy kilt on stage. Be that as it may, Ye wasn’t moved then and he still doesn’t have a care in the world as to what people think of him.

“Mr. West, what up? it’s been a while Ye/ your music is tough, but them skirts is wild gay” raps Cam on  the track.

Listen to “Back On Our Bullshit” in its entirety below. The Kanye lines come at 0:49.


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