All eyez on The Snowman

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We’ve been waiting 3 years for the return of Young Jeezy, and its here. With a firestorm of music, videos and one hell of a tour over the past couple months, Atlanta’s own Jeezy has reaffirmed himself among rap’s elite, and Seen It All, his most transparent effort yet, has already proved to be one of 2014’s gems. It’s been an up-and-down past few years for Mr. Jenkins–as it always is for anyone in this business–but he’s remained above the fray, and released a slew of some of the best records of his career in the meantime (“Me OK”, “Seen It All”, “No Tears”, “Beautiful”).

So its only right that Jeezy–who would like to be known as just “Jeezy” if you don’t mind–graces cover 1-of-2 of our 2014 Power 30/SOURCE360 issue in the most important year of his career. We caught up with him right in the middle of his tour, and album roll-out to talk about everything Ferguson and what it’s like to be Jeezy in the internet age to squashing his beef with Rick Ross and auditioning to be Tupac in the “Holler If You Hear Me” musical.


The Power 30/SOURCE360 issue also marks a great time for The Source, as we prep for The SOURCE360 Weekend (Sept. 19-21), which will be 3 days jam packed with panels, showcases, expos and our SOURCE360 Concert at The Barclays Center.  It’ll be a 100% total Hip-Hop culture experience that you just can’t miss, and we invite you to have a look at the full details including ticket pricing, info, and a SOURCE360 program schedule on  In addition to that, we have our annual Power 30, Digital 30 and Radio 30 lists that break down the top 30 movers and shakers in Hip-Hop, from rappers-slash-execs to leaders from every facet of the culture.  It is an exciting time for everyone, and issue #263 has something for everyone.

Enjoy a couple excerpts, and grab your copy of The 2014 Power 30/SOURCE360 issue when it hits newsstands.

On being a gangster rapper in 2014:

I think me and people like me that answered the call, and were appointed by the people to be their spokesperson have to walk a separate line because, you might like my music, but I think you probably love me more for what I stand for and what my morals are.  So I think that’s what makes me special, and different from a lot of artists, because you know we got some people where their whole career is off pure talent.  They’re very talented but they don’t have any morals, or the ability to go sit outside and watch something, and then be able to go talk about it in a rhyme form and make you believe it. Everything is so internet based now, you don’t even know what to believe anymore.

On Ferguson:

I just feel like, when things like this happen, you have to build trust within the community.  They did all the wrong things.  Instead of going there and trying to resolve the situation, they went in there with tasers, riot guns and riot forces, and you can’t come to my neighborhood and not expect us to stand up for what we believe in.  You know, that type of sh*t happens in Iraq, that doesn’t happen in Ferguson.

On auditioning to be Tupac on Broadway:

Jeezy was almost Tupac.  No, he didn’t go to the tattoo parlor and stop just short of getting “Thug Life” tattooed across his stomach, but when it came to cast the Tupac character in the short-lived Tupac musical, “Holler If You Hear Me”, Jeezy read for the part and earnestly competed to land it.

I came to New York, auditioned and everything.  Snoman was going to be on Broadway, man [laughs].

Be sure to pick up your copy of the 2014 Power 30/SOURCE360 issues when it hits newsstands, coming soon.