Cause everyone loves getting pulled over by the cops for no reason at all.

He’s a “Wild Boy” alright. Crime: air drumming on his steering wheel. Machine Gun Kelly was pulled over by a cop and wanted everyone to witness the tom foolery he experienced, the bio on his official YouTube says: “while in Salt Lake City filming SLC Punk 2, I was a part of the dumbest highway pull over ever.” You can see MGK setting up his phone to record what would become exactly what he says in his bio. MGK gets through most of the conversation without the cop realizing he’s being recorded. One of the best moments of the two and a half minute long video (aside from how ridiculous the cop looks air drumming) comes when the cop asks for the registration. As MGK searches for it the cop spots a small green medication container and asks the rapper what is was used for. As cool and as calm as ever he casually replies, “weed.” Check out the hilarious video above.

Deniqua will probably replay this video several times just to watch the cop air drumming. She’s on Twitter @__hennystraight.