Fashion Conscious: Akon, Madonna, and More Debut Conscious Fashion to Raise Awareness

DEFEND takes fashion consciousness to a whole new level...

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You may have heard the term “fashion conscious” before, but DEFEND is bringing the “conscious” to fashion consciousness with their line designed to raise awareness.  Rather than asking you dump a bucket of ice water on your head, Defend Paris has you wear your awareness on your shirt (or hoodie!) instead.

The bold, high end fashion line is now known all over the world.  DEFEND embraces the AK as a metaphor for peace and rage:


“DEFEND embraces the AK as metaphor for peace and as an expression of our passion, and our rage. Passion for human rights, fashion, freedom. Rage that these ideals are under attack. Rage around the hopelessness we see in our cities and the death of our children’s dreams.

Our movement is to DEFEND, PARIS, AFRICA, BEAUTY, HUMAN RIGHTS, THE EARTH. DEFEND all values that lay at our core. The AK is our metaphor for passion for our cause.”

DEFEND has partnered with artists such as Akon and Madonna for their respective DEFEND AFRICA and DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS campaigns.  The Senegalese artist, driven by his passion to bring awareness to his “Lighting of Africa Project,” has been spotted rocking the brand, while Madonna, one of pop’s most fashion forward artists, has co-created the DEFEND HUMAN RIGHTS shirts in order to bring awareness to her “Ray of Light” foundation.  Akon and Madonna are just two of the many celebs who’ve been spotted sported the global fashion statements; other supporters include Rihanna, Adrien Brody, The Game, and Lil Wayne, just to name a few.

The iconic brand recently had what looked to be an epic launch party in Vegas, thrown by BMT Nation and celebrity stylist Jason Griffin, as the kick off for their 2014 club tour.  A New York launch will be taking place soon.

The brand has also expanded the causes it champions, with designs available for anti-animal cruelty, gay rights, women’s rights, and other assorted causes.  

What will you defend?