NYC is home to so many unique designers from clothing to accessories. Nic De La Paz has been designing accessories under the Botanica name since 2012 & made waves winning support from influencers like Venus of Ghe20 Gothik, Lebron James, Kendrick Lamar, & ScHool Boy Q.

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Brooklyn native Nic De La Paz, is making moves in the jewelry industry. She founded Botánica, an accessories brand directly inspired by the vivid style of her father Eliette Anthony Alvarez. The Don Eliette Collection, which follows her debut Rosary collection, the label’s recently released second season offering which sidesteps the theme of religion in favor of focusing exclusively on De La Paz’s father, and his richly textured wardrobe.

The Don Eliette Collection includes an 18k gold ring, two bracelets and a pair of sunglasses. Drawing on the jewelry her father acquired between New York and Puerto Rico in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, De La Paz hopes to make rare statement pieces that feel both contemporary and timeless.
Check out the Don Elitte Collection below, you can get your hands on Botanica at VFILES in NYC and Wish in Atlanta.