Samsung unveiled its new updated line of phones this morning, debuting simultaneously in Berlin and China.

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Doors opened an hour before the presentation, allowing guests to enjoy breakfast and mingle in the modern, stylish venue. “The Next Big Thing” as the headline is titled, includes the new Note 4, Edge, and Gear VR. Gregory Lee, head of Samsung North America, welcomed everyone at the event and also announced that the building (837 Washington Street) would be the new flagship center for Samsung. Following, Lee introduced Ryan Biden, head of strategy for Samsung’s North American telecommunications division, who gave a short recap of the Note’s achievements since it debuted back three years ago, to introduce the new Note 4. The new phone is updated all around, including a faster processor, larger and better screen, and sleeker design. The new Note is also updated with new features such as a better multitasking experience. Along with the Note 4, Samsung also announced the “Edge”, which has a wrap-around screen to display notifications almost as an extension of the screen. Biden then handed the stage to John Pleasants, head of Samsung’s Media Solutions America. Biden helped the audience better understand its “Milk” platform, and Maroon 5 also made a special guest appearance to promote it. Finally, the event concluded with the release of the Gear VR, a new virtual reality device thats operates completely without wires. Guests were able to demo the products following the presentation.

-Tristen Yang