Just when we thought that all of the information that would come out to bring justice and closure to the family of Michael Brown, there is more.

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It has been claimed by almost all of the eyewitnesses of the killing of the unarmed teenager in the Canfield Green Apartments that when Officer Wilson shot Brown at almost point blank range, he had his hands up. This story has now been supported by two more individuals who were working in the area and saw everything after the first shot.

Two construction workers have given their statements to the St. Louis County Police and the FBI and at least one has spoken to members of the press, but on the condition of anonymity.


He admits that even though he didn’t see the initial confrontation or the struggle at the squad car, he says he saw Brown and Dorian Johnson fleeing as Wilson fired at least one more shot. He then says that Brown then turned around with his hands up, then was shot with a barrage of bullets from Wilson.

The worker, who came from Jefferson County, says that when Brown stopped, he stumbled, then turned around saying, “OK, OK, OK, OK…” as if he had been hit. This story is supported by the fact the the private autopsy, which says that Brown was only hit once in the back.

Critics have already begun to argue that their account doesn’t bring insight to the most critical part of the investigation; the initial confrontation. The 12 person jury in St. Louis, which is composed of 9 whites and 3 blacks, will strongly zero in on that aspect to determine whether or not Officer Wilson was justified in chasing the teens and killing Brown.

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-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)