Well that’s good news

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Rapper Gucci Mane is one happy camper today. He was told he’ll be released from prison 12 months earlier than expected. According to TMZ, court docs stated that an Atlanta judge has finally given the 34-year-old rapper the year’s worth of credit for time served he’s earned since his arrest for gun possession last September.

However, the 39-month sentence is very common for Gucci— he’s been in and out of prison most of his entire adult life.  He was even charged with murder in 2005 … but pleaded not guilty.


He once hit a fan with a bottle and pushed a woman out of a moving car too.  Yikes!

Furthermore, Gucci is scheduled to be released in December 2016.


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  • Hofa Bang says:

    That time served is a motherfucka…. You get 1.5-2 days towards your sentence for every day you serve locked up for you even go to trial….. That why most people decide to stay in jail before the trial to get lesser sentences. And if they have a good lawyer they prolong it when they think they might get 5-7. You do a year in county awaiting trial or sentencing you only getting 1-2 in prison. He be in minimum security general population low max for people who got small sentences getting ready to get out…..
    And Sherley BEE is fine as hell…..GOT DAMN!!!!