Jeezy believes him and the five others he was arrested with “should have never been detained.”

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Fans and supporters have somewhat idolized the release of Seen It All: The Autobiography. The album has been slightly hyped up a bit and even dampened by Jeezy’s arrest in connection with a shooting that occurred backstage during  a recent concert. In an interview with Power 92 Chicago the rapper finally spoke about the incident, detailing his thoughts about his entourage.

“I really can’t speak on it a lot, but I will say that me and my crew should have never been detained. And when it’s all said and done you won’t hear nobody from my crew had anything to do with nothing. And I will say this, a lot of people asked me why did I sit in there so long. The truth to that is I’m a boss, but at the same time I’m a real person. And it’s like those people on that bus…Two of my bus drivers, which they was well over 55-years-old. My camera man. Some of my manager’s people. They bust they ass for me on this tour and I refused to leave up out of that jailhouse without them coming out with me.”

Seems like Jeezy is still putting on for those people who care about him the most. Seen It All: The Autobiography is in stores now.