After Years of Working with Steve Harvey, Elvira Guzman now has her own PR Firm Which Gives a Lot Back to the Community by Working to Empower Women, Youth And Young Adults In The US and Abroad

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Recently we had the pleasure to talk to a “Rising Star” in the Public Relations industry and her name is Elvira Guzman representing Elvie G PR.  This skilled, educated and multi-talented young lady has got a lot going on that we have to share with you.  What really grabbed our attention are the many projects that she has that address the needs of those living in poor and disadvantaged communities, because that is what we are about. She puts people before profit and that is a breath of fresh air in a world where money dictates how we treat others.  She has a hot book entitled “Your Blueprint” that you must read if you are looking for a proven formula that can help you change your life.  We will get into the book during the next interview, but for now we want you to get to know her better because good people in the Public Relations business that are committed to use their influence to help address social issues that plague our communities while also empowering women and our youth are hard to find.

Q — Where did you grow up and how tough was it?


A — During the weekdays I lived in Covina, CA and on the weekends I stayed with my cousin’s family in Highland Park, CA.  Growing up was tough because Latinos and African-Americans didn’t get along in that area (Azusa is the next city over where I went to High School and the city is known for gang members who do not like AA).  I was shot at while driving my car because my best friend was half Black and half Mexican.  My older sister found out who did it and they told her I shouldn’t have had her in my car.  One of my best friends in High School was chopped up and put in a suitcase by her ex-boyfriend when he found out she left him for an AA.  Growing up in that area at that time was a little difficult so I stayed in sports and worked to stay off the streets.

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Q — Where did you go to school?

A — I went to Gladstone High School and maintained a 4.0-4.2 GPA throughout my years there.  My parents told me education was my key out and I took it serious.  School was hard aside from the race issues people didn’t like me because I was pretty and they thought my parents had money!  I got into several fights while I was there.  I never started them but my mom would tell me to finish them.  One fight in particular sticks out in my head because I was jumped after my volleyball practice and I remember seeing the girls outside the gym waiting for me and I knew when I left those doors it was GO TIME and it was 4 against 1.  They didn’t know I had a black belt in red dragon karate since the age of 13 so naturally I won and from that day on no one tried to fight me in high school again.

Q — How did you get started in Public Relations?

A — In 2006 while living in NY and assisting Steve Harvey, he would ask me everyday what I wanted to do because I had done every position at his company and excelled and he knew I was outgrowing the new assistant position and I told him I wanted to help celebs in the way I was helping him minus the personal stuff like bills, travel, etc.  I just wanted to run the business parts and he thought brand strategist/publicist would be great!  He sent me to meet Steve Stoute and Marvet Britto to check out their companies and I loved it and started Elvie G PR In 2006 and relocated back to LA to begin with Steve as my first client.

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Q — What was it like working for Steve Harvey?

A — It was an amazing experience!  I definitely learned more there than I did at USC.  He, his manager and his attorney taught me invaluable lessons that are not written in books because as we all know people are greedy with information in Hollywood.  They taught me everything and encouraged me to continue my education.  Don’t get me wrong some days were hard because they keep up extreme hours like being at the radio station at 3:30AM because we broadcast to Dallas at 4AM but they do take care of their employees.

Q — Tell us about your Media and PR Company and what services you offer?

A — I started Elvie G PR because I saw a need in companies like mine that are a 1-stop shop.  We meet with the client to assess their career and then we reach out to our contacts to make their vision a reality.  First we have to ensure their publicity is at its best in order to secure the branding deals.  It’s a process and one that I feel I’m the BEST at because I truly enjoy helping and teaching others the way!

Q — Name some of the celebrities that you have worked with throughout your career and which ones had the most impact on you?

A — Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, Mariah Carey, Roy Jones, Jr., Patti Labelle, Robin Thicke, Russell Simmons, Tyler Perry, George Lopez, Forest Whitaker, Daymond John, Troy Byer, Musiq Soulchild, Terry Kennedy and so many more!  I would have to say that Russell Simmons has made the most impact on me and the funny part is I’ve only booked him for shows.  He made his impact on me via his literature.  Especially SUPER RICH; that really helped me in my journey when I was looking for enlightenment he fed me.

Q — Tell me about some of the projects that you are working on and their benefits?

A — I am working with Central Juvenile Detention Center in Downtown Los Angeles to bring speakers into the facility that will motivate the boys and girls to want better for their lives.  I am also working on Women’s Empowerment Seminars and the first one will be in Jamaica in September and the intent is to motivate women to seek social and economic equality and to feel empowered to want more!

Elvira and the Goddess Dresses models.

The Goddess Dresses models.

Q — Let’s talk about “Latinas in Hollywood.”  How did this project come about and what are you trying to accomplish?

A — I was tired of turning on the TV and seeing Latinos portrayed in such a negative and archaic light.  We are not all maids, cooks, baby mamas or video vixens.  We are also CEO’s, Radio Hosts, Pageant Queens, Models and TV Hosts.  I wanted to show America that we can speak English without an accent and we get DOWN in the boardroom.  Aside from that Latinos are extremely Spiritual beings so I want to highlight that and our RICH culture and eventually tell the truth about Christopher Columbus and shed some light on our history.

Q — Do you believe in a Higher Power, and if so how does your belief influence your life?

A — Absolutely!  There is no way I would still be alive and in one piece without a Higher Power.  God influences every second of my day and when I am not working I meditate because that is where I can find God the quickest.  I am constantly looking for Truth and Love.

Q — 86 people die daily from firearms, what can we do to stop gun violence?

A — We can give more opportunities in urban areas to prevent unnecessary gun violence from robbery.  We can create an antigun violence video campaign with celebrities to discourage the purchase and use of guns. Real men use their hands not guns.  It’s easier to walk away from a fistfight than a gun fight.  If fighting is needed at all.

Q — There are 1.4 million gang members in America who commit 48% of the nation’s violent crime, what can we do address this problem?

A — As long as music/TV/film continues to glorify drugs and gangs we are going to continue to have this problem because kids continue to want to join so we have to somehow make gangs NOT COOL NOW.  Also, we need to realize that many of the people in gangs never had a choice.  Either for economic or family reasons.  So we need to create opportunities in these communities so gang banging is not the only way to make it in the ‘hood.

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Q — How important is education and what impact did it have on your life?

A — Education is extremely important if you really want to compete in this world.  For me it was a way to escape and get lost for a while.  My home life was chaotic with uncles in and out of jail and then my parents were incarcerated when I was 14 so I knew education was the only way I was going to survive.

Q — Community/Police relations nationwide are at an all time low because of the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.  What can be done to put out the fires?

A — Have the police create an award show to honor good people in the community and showcase how police officers do help and give back.  Maybe this will teach the bad cops to be good and the good cops to KEEP GOING.

Q — Educate me on the power of the Latin Market?

A — Just in the United States there are an estimated 70+ million Latinos making us the #1 minority.  64% of that number is of Mexican descent.  9% follows with Puerto Ricans and Cubans are next with 3% and so on. We are roughly 17-20% of the population surpassing African-Americans with 11% and Asians with 7%. Latinos are underserved and underrepresented!

Q — What positive message do you have for our youth?

A — You don’t need parents who are doctors and lawyers to be one!  You can create ANY future your heart desires just listen to it and be OPEN to the possibilities.

Q — Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A — Traveling the world giving back and writing books.  I want to speak and teach what I have been taught and have researched.  I want to create events that encourage peace, love and unity.

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Click to see the flyer for Elvira’s USC Bookstore event for “Your Blueprint” on September 10, 2014.

Q — How do our readers get in touch with you?

A —;;; @elviraguzmanla;

USC Bookstore Event flyer words

Click to see the flyer for Elvira’s USC Bookstore event for “Your Blueprint” on September 10, 2014.

For info on the book and/or booking signing see the flyer, contact Elvira at the number above, or hit us up at

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