You could easily argue that QuESt has been one of the newest names to make a name this year. He’s been through a plethora of changes, dropped multiple projects, and has had a little bit of everything happen to him. From relationship switch-ups and family issues to perspective changes from being solo to actually having a supportive team behind him (shouts to VMG), there’s a lot to be said about this Florida native.

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From the beginning, Q has said that one of the things he wanted to do when he got his platform was to tell his story. Whether that was said with the purpose to help others or as a bit of therapy for himself, no one will truly know unless he decides to reveal it. What we do know, however, is that in the midst of all of the pain he’s had to endure, he’s managed to pull it together into a narrative with Searching Sylvan that’ll hit much closer to home than some people may care to admit, all while still showing off the initial skills that drew us to him in the first place.

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In short the project has incredible production, which is only matched and surpassed by QuESt’s versatile flows that makes it entertaining to listen to. Content-wise, it’s as high-quality as you can manage; all of Q’s emotions are on display, and they range from daydreams of turning down 500k to reactions of longtime friends being paralyzed. And there’s a surprising level of replay value here as well – the features (or length) don’t take away from the overall impact of the project. Peep it above and download it directly here.

– Scott Randell (@iamscottrandell)