Breezy & bottles doesn’t sound good together, anyway.

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Once again, R&B phenomenon Chris Brown has found himself in hot water. According to TMZ, a brawl broke out at the VIP Room in the Meatpacking District where Brown was performing. The NYFW after-party was filled with witnesses who reported a fight in the V.I.P. section where bottles were being thrown. No arrests were made at the time of the incident but one victim has reported an eye injury.


Chris Brown took to Twitter this afternoon to let the world know that he wasn’t involved.

The singer, who is about to release his 6th LP–you can check out the latest song from X, “Autumn Leaves” with rapper Kendrick Lamar, here– has been trying his hardest to stay out of trouble, but the devil appears to be hard at work. It doesn’t make it any better that a similar fight happened between him & artist Drake back in 2012, & between that & his recent jail stint, his best bet would be to stay away from the clubs for a little while- or at least the bottles being served.

Better safe than sorry.

Kairi- who has been waiting on X for months- just wants the album to drop. Let her know what you think @_findingforever.