Not what we expected to be going on in the Ravens’ parking lot

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Ray Rice has been thoroughly dismantled by the media, NFL, the Ravens, and the President of the United States of America this week, so it’s pretty safe to say what’s happening at tonight’s Ravens game–a game he’d be watching from the sidelines had he not been cut on Monday–is the least of the Rutger alum’s concern, but it’s still pretty interesting, or appalling, depending on your stance on the issue.

In the following Sportscenter clip, you can watch as several women wear Ray Rice jerseys to tonight’s regular season game against the rival Steelers, and a couple even take the time to explain to an ESPN interviewer why Rice isn’t the worst man in the world and that he “deserves a second chance.” In one of the testimonials, a woman even tries to justify Rice’s assault on his wife Janay, by prefacing her defense of him with “she hit him first.”


This begs the question. Have they seen the actual video? Watch the clip below.