Book Signing at USC Is A Success for New Inspirational Author Elvira Guzman

Debut author’s book signing and Q&A session with students at her former alma mater University of Southern California was a HIT!


USC graduate Elvira Guzman is all about uplifting her community and teaching back what her mentors taught her! Her book signing for her debut book “Your Blueprint” was a tremendous success! Not only did Ms. Guzman graciously signed each copy that sold out but she also took questions about career, school and success! The students and teachers that stopped by the book signing were thrilled to take part in such a special day for Ms. Guzman. In addition to students and teachers various Facebook and former clients attended to support her.

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USC will be carrying her book “Your Blueprint: An Interactive Guide To Remembering Your True Purpose In Life” indefinitely after the book signing and they have asked Ms. Guzman to come back and speak to their El Centro Chicano students.




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Posted by Charles and Randy Fisher (Twitter / Facebook / Instagram @HHSYC).