What’s in the dark, always comes to light…

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Yesterday, Vivid Entertainment, the adult film company responsible for releasing pornographic videos of Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham strangely has gotten access on a pornographic tape of alleged Iggy Azalea and an ex-boyfriend. At first, the Australian rapper and her lawyers denied the existence of the tape, but today, they are taking a different approach.

According to TMZ, Azalea’s lawyers are now saying that it just may be Azalea in the tape, but that it is possible she was under 18 when it was filmed. Her lawyers also claim that the sex video would be the work of a “spurned business suitor,”—-Azalea’s ex-boyfriend, who may just be doing this act as a form of revenge against Azalea and to ruin her image.


In addition, Azalea’s team also claims that the video may have been shot “without her knowledge or consent.”

Furthermore, according to a source, Azalea’s now boyfriend, Nick Young, isn’t too pleased with the news.

…With the NBA season coming about next month and with him being on the Lakers, he knows so much off-court attention will be brought to it and him. That is the nightmare scenario for him. He really hopes that this is not true, and, if it’s true, that it never comes out.

Unfortunately, Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch, thinks otherwise. He said in a statement: “I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape. Iggy has proved that she’s an amazing talent.”

“We are conducting our due diligence,” he added. “If we are satisfied with our review, we will definitely try to make a deal to distribute the tape.”


 UPDATE: Earlier today, TMZ interviewed Iggy Azalea’s alleged partner in the sex tape —who’s a Houston rapper named Hefe Wine.  He confirmed that the video is one hundred percent real, and Iggy was definitely NOT underage when it happened. Hefe Wine added that he meet Iggy on her 18th birthday.

He also mentioned that Iggy was “100% fully aware” about the tape, but denied sending the sex clip to Vivid. His computer allegedly was stolen a couple months ago. Still, he wouldn’t mind cutting a deal for the video to be released—but only for the right price. Though for that to happen, Iggy would have to sign off too, and that seems very unlikely…at least for now.

Furthermore, the rapper claims he’s still close with Iggy, and will prove it by putting out a new single featuring her.



Sherley wonders if Iggy will ever agree to release the tape.  Still, follow her on twitter @sherleybee_