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Chris Brown, Music News

Why cant we be friends? 


With his new album X drawing closer and closer to its September 16th release date Chris Brown has taken to finally sitting down and talking about his moves since being released from prison, first was his Billboard article, and now he has sat down with MTV’s Sway to discuss some topics.  In the clip above he speaks on how he & Drake reconciled their differences and what it was like with the two working together.

Check out the clip above; but the short version of his answer is that Drake reached out for the ESPY skit and that they just made sure everything was cool and kept it moving.  Ever the OG, Sway makes sure to ask the question everyone wanted to know  “ya’ll didnt bring up like  Rihanna or nothin”, Brown casually responded “nah it’s was already understood, no need to be explained”  .   They also addressed how they differ when it comes to recording music.

Stay tuned for more on this interview.