When we arrived at Milk Studios on Wednesday, everyone was buzzing about Miley Cyrus.

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In the hustle of bustle of Fashion Week, we had almost forgotten that Cyrus collaborated with Scott for the presentation. She debuted her “Dirty Hippie” art work at the show backstage and many of the models donned original accessories by the singer in the form of necklaces or hairpieces. We were backstage thanks to invitation by nail sponsor OPI, whose lead was Miss Pop this season. Check out the awesome nail looks that Miss Pop designed for the show:

 photo IMG_2956E_zps7adb6350.jpg

Photo Credit: Tammy Bender (@withlovetammyb)

 photo -2_zpsc7edc963.jpg

Photo Credit: Tammy Bender (@withlovetammyb)

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Photo Credit: Tammy Bender (@withlovetammyb)

Another sponsor, American Express, graciously invited us to attend the presentation. Amex is one of the the lead sponsors of MADE Fashion Week at Milk Studios. 2 Chainz was front and center. We grabbed a quick word.

Q: How important is it for you to support Jeremy today?

2 Chainz:  I support the boy.  He got swag.  He supports hip-hop.  You know what I mean? They cross paths, so we here.

Q:  Tell us about your style?

2 Chainz:  I like to be different.  I like to be flamboyant, I like to make statements.

We spotted singer Dev in the front row who is set to release her much anticipated EP “Bittersweet July” as a follow up to her 2012 debut album “The Night The Sun Came Up” on September 23 on iTunes.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your EP.

Dev: It’s five tracks, if you preorder it now you get “Kids” as a grab track, which is a single.  I am stoked about that.  I think it is a good mixture between hopefully the old sound that I did that people knew and loved and a little bit of a new growth and I hope people can tell that I feel more comfortable this time around.

Q: Who are some key producers that you want to shout out?

Dev:  Shoutout to Benny Cassette who I worked with, and my homie Nanosaur who produced a majority of the EP. He is a producer our of Oakland, who I’ve known for like six years.  So, yeah, it was cool to kind of get back into this.

We also said hello to Whoopi Goldberg who was front row with her granddaughter Jerzey Dean. “I have worn a lot of his shoes, she’s worn a lot of his clothes, we love him,” Goldberg told us on why it was important to support Scott. Dean told us this was her first fashion week and she is having a lot of fun. She told us that she will be announcing a project soon.

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After another fun presentation Scott treated card members to a fascinating and insightful Q&A. Examiner.com was given the exclusive. Read what he had to say about collaborating with Miley on the jewelry.

We came together organic. She was having a little shindig at her house for the Fourth of July and I had already been out … I said, “oh let me stop by Miley’s.” So I went by late at night and she was showing me all the stuff that she was making … and I said, “This looks like my collection … these things that don’t seem to go together but somehow do?” And then I said, “Would you think about making jewelry for the show?” So she said, “I would love to, I would love to, I would love to.” So then the next thing that I thought was, “Okay, you know what? She probably just said that.” And she is very genuine but still … she is on tour, there are things going on. So I sent her a text message saying “I was dead serious about making jewelry for the show? I really want you to do it” … and so she really did it. She made everything herself, everything was handmade … I gave her some things that I had collected too, so she incorporated them. It was just very organic. It was just very natural.

Later in the evening A-Trak, Madonna, Diplo and Skrillex joined Scott at Space Ibiza for his epic after-party.