Divorce…or no?

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The only things–according to gossip blogs and the thousands of people that populate the rumor mill each day–keeping Beyonce and Jay Z from rapidly filing divorce papers are the couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy, and this massively lucrative tour they’re on, the On The Run tour. After a short vacation, Bey and Jay are back at it overseas for the second leg of the tour, and Jay may have let a pretty interesting news tidbit slip.

According to reports, Jay changed one of the lyrics in “Beach Is Better” to “cause she’s pregnant with another one”. After a quick glance at the “Beach Is Better” lyrics, there’s really only one place in which Hov could’ve squeezed that in.


Don’t get mad at me, I’m buying bucket after bucket

When it’s gone I’m like ‘f*ck it’ I’ll replace it with another one

We’re sure if that’s where he replaced the line, he re-worked both bars, but it’s all hear say for now. Hopefully someone comes up with a video clip of what he really said. Until then, we’ll wait for further confirmation.