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Stand Up! (No Luda)

This Friday (9/12) Kanye West brought his talents to Sydney Australia to do what he does best, perform one hell of a show.  While there a bit of controversy popped up.  During his performance he stopped the music to demand that everyone in the audience needs to stand up to show their enthusiasm for his performance.  ” I cant do this song , I cant do the rest of this show until you stand up, unless you got a handicapped parking pass or some sh!t” he told the audience.


He then sent out some of his security to literally go into the audience and investigate who is indeed incapable of standing up, at different points  saying “is he in a wheelchair?”  & “this is the longest i’ve had to wait to do a song.”  After getting a final confirmation that the last of the “non standers” was in fact unable to do so he finally went in to his track “good life”.  The interaction was definitely pretty awkward and a bit cringe worthy.

Watch the video above and make your own decision.  In our opinion, while Kanye could have used a bit of better judgment he didn’t REALLY violate any moral boundaries, and frankly the crowd seemed to somewhat eat up the whole ” I need you to stand up” schtick.  What’s a little much is the way the media has responded to the incident, here’s some examples of headlines from the incident.

“Kanye West tries to shame man in wheelchair into standing during Sydney concert” – Fox News
“Kanye Yells At Fan In Wheelchair To Stand Up During Concert” -LaIst
“Kanye Demands Fan In Wheel Chair Stand Up” – Huffington Post
“Kanye West Stops Concert to Yell at Kid in Wheelchair”

Why stop there, why not go with “Kanye West hates handicapped people” or “Kanye: Fuck Wheelchairs as staff, label & as a crew, and if you down with wheelchairs…”

As some have pointed out, Kanye not too long ago did something really nice by giving his microphone to a handicapped, wheelchair bound fan who’s view was blocked during a concert  , all in all it’s more press for a guy who obviously “gets the most press kid”

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