The Real is finally here Last summer, we were introduced to a new talk show that was about no gimmicks called The Real and features style expert Jeannie Mai, singers Tamar Braxton & Adrienne Bailon, comedienne Loni Love, and actress Tamera Mowry-Housley as the hosts. They give you the real on some of the topics that women love to talk about like love, heartbreak, fashion, and so much more.

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On the premiere episode, the girls are back and they are better than ever. They all talked about their summer and what they’ve  been up to since the last premiere of the show. Adrienne revealed that she moved to LA , that she has a new love in her life, and she is trying to adjust to the LA lifestyle. They talked about the dance craze “The Nae Nae’ .  Host Tamar taught them how to do it and let’s just say, they all have rhythm.  They even talked about having long distance relationships and how they deal with it.

Rapper Game was their guest, he was one of the first guests when the show had it test run last summer and they played a game called Daddy Knows Best as they put his father skills to the test. He passed with flying colors. They even gave their studio audience grab bags that consist of goodies for us ladies of course. They had a segment dedicated to the fashionistas called Booty Call, in which the hosts share details on what type of boot that are in for the fall season.


Towards the end of the show, each host revealed who their #ManCrushMonday choices were and let’s just say some were surprising, while others were just weird. Tamar revealed Kevin Hart as hers, Loni revealed NFL player Tom Brady as hers, Jeannie revealed (wait for it) rapper Common as hers, Adrienne revealed  (wait for it) Jay Leno as hers, and Tamera revealed actor  Kit Harrington as hers. 

Looks like they are here to stay! Make sure that you tune in every day at 11 am on Fox 5 and catch encores on My 9 at 5 pm & BET at 6 pm

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