Fresh Moss has been rapping longer than he can remember. But after years of work in the underground rap scene in Newark, NJ and a host of strong projects and features, 2014 promises to be a very memorable year for the young MC. Currently on the campaign trail for part 2 of his Skinny Fresco dedication series, he’s ready to push his trap-infused sound courtesy of his ultra slick delivery combined with the mighty snare-wielding power of producers Lex Luger and 2DZ. The first drop from this project is what has us excited: “Always” a totally in-pocket lyrical barrage by Fresh that leaves no room for the listener to breath… all under the mighty sonic supervision of 2DZ. If you’re not familiar with Fresh Moss yet, we promise you will be after hearing this record and getting a small insight into this up-and-comer’s life.

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How long have you been rapping for?

I’ve been rapping since I was 11.


Growing up in Newark, NJ what were some of your big hip-hop influences that you could say shaped your style?

Naughty By Nature, Redman, & The Refugees.

Since dropping “Skinny Fresco” Vol 1, what has it been like for you? do you feel like you have grown ever since?

It’s been crazy, a lot of great opportunities have been presented to me. My fans are happy and the support has been unconditional. I’ve def grown since Vol 1, as an artist. I used to just rap. I sing a little now & i’ve found myself as an artist and who I am and what I want to represent in Hip-Hop.

Every artist has their own struggle. What is it like for you being an artist from Newark?

It’s difficult due to the illusion of perception. People really don’t understand the reality of what’s really what. Newark is dangerous and it’s not too much going on as far as opportunity, let alone music outlets. You have a bunch people with hopes and dreams but no guidance. Being an artist in Newark I just wanna inspire.

What can your fans expect from your Skinny Fresco Vol 2? Any surprise features?

They can except to listen to one of best mixtapes of 2014. You can definitely except a few surprises!

In your eyes what is it that an up coming artist needs to focus on the most in order to succeed?

First and foremost they need to be willing to invest in themselves. Realize that success isn’t overnight and that if you work hard and perfect your craft you’ll be able to succeed. Take time making your music, don’t be in a rush. You only get one first impression!

You just dropped your latest single “Always”. What was the creative process that went behind that particular record?

I was in the studio one day just finishing up Vol 2 and my I was mixing one of my records. I hear this beat banging next door and I’m like damn what’s that? I stopped my session and went next door and 2DZ was just in this zone and I knew I wanted the beat. I wrote the song in 20mins.

You have worked with many producers, one of the latest one is 2DZ. How is your relationship with him?

That’s my brother, 2DZ is incredibly talented. We worked together a lot on Vol 2 in the studio together. He’s a humble person and he’s really into his craft. Incredible resume as well.

What are you bumping these days?

Skinny Fresco Vol 2

5 goals in 2015:

Make the Cover of a Magazine
Release my 1st independent album
Get my own show on Adult Swim
Continue to grow as a person and as an artist.

Stream Fresh Moss’ latest joint “Always” below.

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