Vanidades celebrated the Annual Icons of Style Gala honoring Narciso Rodriguez, Rita Moreno, Thalía this week.

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Presented by United Airlines, Moet & Chandon Champagne and Wittnauer the event was held at Mandarin Oriental. VIP guests we spotted included Selenis Leyva of “Orange is the New Black,” Dascha Polanco of “Orange is the New Black,” Kelly Rutherford, Catherine Malandrino, Maria Cornejo, Jackie Blanco, Nick Loeb, Mari Ichaso, Vogue Editor at Large Candy Pratts Price, philanthropist and fashion industry notable Yaz Hernandez, stylist and makeup Artist Alexa Rodulfo, Shoe designer and 2012 Vanidades Icons of Style Winner Edmundo Castillo, Designer and Vanidades Icons of Style for Fashion Design 2013 Carlos Campos, El Gordo y la Flaca Host Lili Estefan, El Gordo y la Flaca Host Raul de Molina,Designer and Vanidades Icons of Style for Fashion Design 2012 Nicolas Felizola, Designer Alvin Valley, Emerging Designer and 2011 Vanidades Icons of Style Winner Fabiola Arias, “In the Heights” Producer Lin Manuel Miranda, and Miss Dominican Republic US 2014 Massiel Peguero, to name a few.

We spoke with designer Narciso Rodriguez on the red carpet. 


What do you do when New York Fashion Week is finally over?

Collapse, we usually work for a month, six weeks, everyday, night and day, stressful hours so when you’re finished, you just need to sit down. I had a weekend, and we got right back on it, we had sales, and a new fragrance yesterday, which was a huge event, and preparing the next collection.
When you design a collection, what is your goal?
Lately the goals have been changing, I want to create pieces that are desirable and covetable, and create things for women, no matter what age or body type says, “I want that” and “I love that” and “I need that.” I think those are the things that designers create that are the most influential because they create the most emotion.
There’s been a shift in fashion from aspiration to more attainable, why do you think that is happening?
Fashion and the beauty of fashion is that it’s always shifting, sometimes its for the young, sometimes its more elegant, older women, sometimes its for the ladies, more attainable, sometimes aspirational, but its always exciting. That’s the part of fashion that we all love.
What’s one thing that completes a woman’s outfit? 
Her personality.
We also spoke with Roselyn Sánchez.
What does this award mean to you?
It means so much, I’m a fan of the magazine, Vanidades, they’ve been so good to me through the years, I’ve done the cover like four times, I hosted this event last year, and now I’m honored at the event, so I’m just happy to be here, and for people to appreciate my work.
Upcoming projects?
I’m working on “Devious Maids” doing the third season, and the second season of Familia En Venta in Spanish, and do a movie before the end of the year, and getting ready for my triathalon and my charity.

 We also spoke with Lili Estefan.

Who are some of your style icons?

I think as women, I think we have done an incredible job, women like Eva Longoria, since years ago, I can think, Roslyn Sanchez, Thalia, so many friends of mine, I’m so proud of them for things that they’ve done. They’re so humble, they’re still very powerful and they’re still good people. You talk to them, they don’t mind supporting what you’re doing. I love them
What makes you proud to be Latina?
I think for us, the family is the most important thing in the world. Time and space now is very different from years ago when our grandmother used to tell you, “You can’t work, you gotta take care of the children.” Now is very different and women now, we have to do it all. We multitask for everything. Half of us is doing a good job, and half of us is getting divorced. Half of us is really trying to go through what you have to go through to really make it. When you get to be a grandmother, look back and say, “I did it.” I don’t know how, but I kept my family together. I think that’s what life is all about.It’s solving the equation. People give up too fast and too soon. You have to solve the equation. It takes time, and a lot of good to say “I’m going to stay here, I’m going to fight, until I get it right.” That’s what you have to do.That makes me proud, Latinas do that a lot.
Check out the full list of honorees below:

Chef Douglas Rodriguez – Icon of Style Award for Excellence in Lifestyles presented byPaquito D’Rivera

Arlenis Sosa – Icon of Style Award for Fashion Modeling & Humanitarianism presented byEdmundo Castillo

Domingo Zapata – Icon of Style Award for the Arts presented by Kelly Rutherford

David Villa – Icon of Style Award for Sports presented by Luis Omar Tapia

Roselyn Sanchez – ‘Mujer Vanidades’ Award presented by Jackie Blanco

Diego Boneta – Icon of Style Award for Film & TV as an Emerging Actor presented by Raul de Molina

Thalía – Icon of Style Award for Music & Entertainment presented by Mari Ichaso

Narciso Rodriguez – Iconic Man of Style Award presented by Candy Pratts-Price

Rita Moreno – Iconic Woman of Style Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Lin Manuel Miranda


-Vivian Chen