The 17 Year old Hip Hop publication will be fully digital going forward

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The New York Post is reporting that Hip Hop publication XXL will officially stop printing issues starting immediately.  The upcoming October/November issue, which is currently in the printing stages will be the final issue.  The move comes as part of a reported purchase of the Harris Media magazine by Townsquare Media;  a company rooted mainly in radio and live events.

Details of the purchase are not abundant but Townsquare Media’s Chief Content Officer Bill Wilson stated that 11 members of the editorial and digital sales staff will be offered positions with XXL in it’s next form.  In addition to XXL, Townsquare has purchased King Mag & Antenna Magazine which will also be relegated to digital only platforms going forward.


Over the past few years XXL has strengthened it’s brand and become deeply rooted into the current culture of Hip Hop through it’s Freshman list & cover; details as to what will happen to their flagship brand and their overall direction in general is not yet clear.  For now  Wilson has stated

“We think XXL has strong potential in both the digital and live events market,” said Wilson, who said the title could make sporadic, special issue print appearances.

The current issue of XXL on newsstand’s now features Lil Wayne (above), no word on who will grace the cover of the final issue.



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