Did Jay Z REALLY make the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee?

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According to representatives from Majestic Athletics, who have been producing official batting practice jerseys for the MLB since 1982 and authentic game uniforms for all teams since 2005, number 2, Derek Jeter, is the most popular of all time.


Jim Pisani, President of Majestic Athletics stated that “Derek just resonates with all demographics, all across the country.” And that “He’s really the only jersey that you consistently see at opposing ballparks, which is why he has been at the top for the last decade.”

It does’t hurt that this is Jeter’s final year playing, the soon-to-be hall of fame inductee has played for 20 seasons — with 5 of them ending with World Series wins. “As soon as he announced this was going to be his final season, we could see the market was hungry for it,” said New Era president Pete Augustine. “We’ve never seen this much interest from a player perspective, and I’m not sure we ever will.”

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)