On Tuesday, September 23, 2K Sports hosted a launch party for the latest edition of the best-selling NBA 2K series video games at The Standard Hotel in New York City.

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In attendance was NBA 2K15 cover athlete and reigning NBA MVP Kevin Durant. Other celebrities and athletes in attendance included James Harden, Chrissy Teigen, Julianne Moore, Chloe Moretz, Jamie Chung, Bryan Greenberg, Spike Lee, Russell Westbrook, Prince Amukamara, John Wall, JR Smith, Iman Schumpert, Caitlin Moe, Chanel Iman, Cleo Wade, Danni Snyder, DJ Reach, Dwight Gooden, Jake Hoffman, Jennifer Fisher, Jessica Joffe, Jill Demling, Jocelyn Goldstein, Jodie Snyder, Kate Greer, Liza Voloshin, Shane Larkin, St. Vincent (Annie Clark), Tristan Wilds, Sarah Morris, Richard Phillips, Anna Gaskell, Harley Viera-Newton, Questlove, DJ Ross One and Carmelo Anthony.

We spoke with some of our favorite athletes on the red carpet. Check out our exclusive interviews below:          


James Harden

With 2k evolving over the years, what is your favorite part about the new NBA 2k15?

They scan your face.  Having a MyPlayer is basically having your own season, and you can scan it and be yourself.  It’s unbelievable.  It’s a great feature to the game and it is exciting.

Who is your favorite person to play as?  Do you like to play as yourself?

I like to play with The Knicks, I play with The Warriors, I mix it up.  Using random, that’s how you get better at the game, you use random and you will find different glitches and different knacks for different players.

John Wall

With 2k evolving over the years, what is your favorite part about the new NBA 2k15?

I just think that every year it gets better.  They make it more realistic for the players.  They make the moves harder to use, and all the moves you use in the game like the Eurosteps and all that, it’s fun, and it’s a favorite game that I like to play.

Do you have a favorite player to use?  Do you like to play as yourself?

I play with my team.  I play with my team because I know all the shooters and I know how to get us the ball.  When I play I use my team and then they wonder how I win sometimes.

I am a big Wizards fan.  I was rooting for you last season and still am, and now with Paul Pierce on the roster, what are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

I think it’s great.  It’s a veteran presence so that would help out the team a lot.  He won an NBA championship so he knows what it takes to make big shots and all of that.  And I just like having him on my team.

Kevin Durant

With you being such a big player, what is it like to be one of the biggest and main faces on the 2k franchise?

It’s a great feeling.  It is one of those things that you just sit back and just smile because I never thought that I would do it and there are so many great players in this league so to be given this honor to be on the cover is amazing.

Do you have a favorite player or team to play as?  Do you play as yourself?

No, I play with everybody.  I usually play in the MyPlayer mode or the MyGM mode.  Like I said earlier, I like playing for stuff so you kind of get that competitive nature when you start playing in those different modes in the game.

You are one of my biggest role models, showing that hard work and dedication leads to success.  How does it feel to be a role model, not just for me, but for so many other people in the world?

It’s something that you really have to take in.  I know that it is a big responsibility; a lot of people are watching and that you can help inspire a lot of people to do things that they never thought they could do.  It’s not just basketball, it is something bigger and better that they want to do.  Just knowing that people are watching is a great feeling, and I know that I’m going to make mistakes, and I know that I am going to get better as time goes on, but if I could change their conscious then that would be good.

-Vinesh Vora