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Luke James held an intimate private listening party at the Milk Studios on the day he released his self-titled debut album Sept 23.

Prior to the show, the relaxed ambience allowed guests to mingle and socialize with each other while a DJ was playing electronic dance music in the background. With entertainment provided by HP studios, many guests enjoyed using the photo booth to take photos of the memorable night. The event was produced  by Joel Fitzpatrick who created beautiful art installations and interesting lights for the venue. Great food and drinks were served on both the top and bottom floor to prepare the audience for the energetic show that was to be delivered by Luke James. Guests such as India Arie were spotted to be among the audience.




Luke James came on stage dressed in a white sweater, leather pants and studded shoes; his simple yet stylish pairing only added to his super-star quality. Drums and electronic piano keyboard were used to accompany him during his playlist and this allowed his voice to soar over the instruments hitting the audience with amazing melodies and acrobatic vocals. Throughout his playlist, the audience couldn’t take their eyes off him as he sang his heart out and swayed with confidence, encouraging the audience to dance along with him and enjoy the groove of his music.  Throughout the show he addressed his audience by explaining the inspiration behind the songs and why music is his number one passion.


He opened with one of Michael Jackson hit, “The Way You Make Me Feel,” as homage to one of his musical inspirations and draw the the audience in with the iconic lyrics, “The Way You Make Me Feel, You Really Turn Me On, You Knock Me Off Of My Feet, My Lonely Days Are Gone.” This song also laid the sexy and groovy tone for the music to come. The next song he performed was from his new album called “Love XYZ.” With thumping synths and a strong sense of beat, this song draws the audience in as he details how he will love the woman he desires. “Come along, come along and I’ll give you all that you need, Love XYZ, love.” He proclaimed to his audience that all he wants is to give them a good time and transitioned into his next song, “Dancing in The Dark.” Colorful overhead lights illuminated the stage while focusing on Luke James and his seductive moves. After three alluring songs, he changed the tempo up with one of his fast beat songs, “Exposé.” The audience was clearly enthralled by his performance as everyone was moving their body to the music.


The smooth transition of songs showed how Luke knew how to keep the crowd interested while telling the story of his pursuit for the girl of his dream. The singer convinces the audience with the emotion he has in his lyrics while he sang “Make Love to Me.” “I know you’ve made love before, Of that I’m sure indeed. But you ain’t made no love, girl, Til you’ve made love to me.” His catchy lyrics highlighted his skill as a musician and after performing new material, he revisited an old song, “I.O.U,” to show the audience that he always had a knack for writing great music from the very beginning.  “Stay With Me” was the next song performed and although it was a very well known billboard #1 single, Luke James somehow is able to put his own spin on the song to make it his own. He obviously knew to save the best for last. He performed his Grammy nominated record “I Want You” and everyone in the crowd was singing along and ended the show on a perfect note.

Perhaps Beyonce was onto something when she personally chose him to open for her world-wide tour. Luke James is definitely an artist to watch!

-Summer Luk